Monday, June 29, 2009

The Most Worshipped and Revered in the Western World

BismIllah wa as salaamu alaikum.

Subhaan Allah! I have witnessed a devotion, a worship, a remembrance so great that I am speechless at its power. This god has had great love from its people, and over the years their reverence of it has increased to such levels as no other god has received. This god is worshiped by the rich, the poor, and those in between. It is worshiped by the intelligent and the ignorant. It is worshiped by every race and ethnicity. 

It started out as remembrance during free time; the worship was mainly outside of working hours or on weekends. Then it became more common to worship during working hours, through speaker and public announcement systems. People became so intent on increasing their worship that they bought personal CD players, most recently upgraded to i-pods. Now the god is worshiped during almost every waking moment: on the street, in the car, shopping, working - an unceasing devotion. 

Grand ceremonies are held to honor those who show reverance in the the most beautiful or original ways. Financial gain is abundant for the leaders in this religion, for that's what it is - a religion, a way of life, something people can no longer live without. The masses want to fill their every moment, waking and sleeping, with it. It gives pleasure, satisfaction, evokes passions and emotions, and allows everyone to be an individual. Day in, day out, I consider what the world would be like if this focus and devotion was to Allah, Al Khaaliq, but Allah is not the focal point at all...

The god is music; shaytaan has had amazing success with this angle. 

Audhu b'Illahi min as-shaytaan ir-rajeem!  .

Welcome to Me!

Bism Illah wa as salaamu alaikum.

Alhamdu l'Illah! A space of my own for my thoughts, my ideas, my extremism to be voiced. This is big, and with it comes a big responsibility, for in expressing my thoughts and inner struggles, I must not cross the line. What I mean, and you can consider this a clear disclaimer, is that when I write about things I wrestle with in my mind and heart, I am not issuing any edicts - no fatwas-a-la-Mai. I'm simply stating how I think and how I perceive things.

I'm ALL about giving it ALL over to Allah and playing it safe by getting back to the lifestyle, etiquette, practices, and manners of the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. I'm not the sister who says, "Hey, just one children's movie with some music can't hurt." I'm the sister who says, "If it contains haram, then it there is no benefit to outweigh that." Yes, I'm tough...and it gets hard at times because those around me aren't on the same page in real life. But hey...that's what my bloggie blog is all about: Mai to the extreme!

Fi amaan Illah.