Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A "Subhaan Allah" Moment

Bism Illah, wa assalaamu alaykum.

Every now and then a beautiful lightbulb goes off in my head after an event, so here I am to share it. My 7 year old daughter was asking during yesterday evening's iftar why it is that when she reads an ordinary book, she understands it better when she reads to herself but with the Quran, she understands it better when she reads it out loud. I took note of it and responded that I didn't know, but it is an interesting question.

Of course, as I'm a pondering person, I was considering her question when suddenly, "PING!" I had it! The Quran is better understood read aloud, because it is meant to be recited! Not only is it meant to be recited, we gain the most reward from reciting rather than simply reading to ourselves. We gain the reward of 10 hasanaat per letter. We gain the reward from our tongues, our lips,our throat, our lungs, our jaw, and our mind all working together to recite Allah's perfect words. They can testify for us , inshaa'Allah, on Yawm ad-Deen. Allah is, yet again, showering his blessings down on us by making our Book of guidance easiest to understand in the form that gains the best reward. Oh, how our Lord fills our hearts with his generosity!

Of course, I told my daughter after fajr this morning and now she has another beautiful revelation this Ramadan. All praise be to Allah, the Perfect Provider for all needs!