Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shaytaan's Sneaky Plans

BismIllah wa as salaamu alaykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.

I am increasingly aware of shaytaan's long-term machinations; how he has pretty much got us surrounded. I am going to list a couple of those things, because the more we are aware of those devilish schemes, the more we can guard and fight against them.


Lately I've been thinking of how we follow our lusts. In fact, when we manage to control ourselves regarding one lust, we pursue another to congratulate ourselves. Of course, this is all succumbing to shaytaan's suggestions, as he will work from every angle imaginable to put us in a state of loss. Tell me if you can in some way relate to any of these scenarios.
  • After having the will-power to control your eating, you celebrate by "treating yourself" to something frivolous or luxurious that you don't need.
  • After having the will-power to control the urge to shop, you "treat yourself" and binge on chocolate, chips, or some other unhealthy food.
  • After studying hard for a test or meeting a deadline, you "treat yourself" to a few hours of relaxation watching the latest movie or surfing the latest celebrity gossip.
We don't struggle to conquer our lusts, we struggle to conquer one lust and then replace it with another -.perhaps one we consider the lesser evil. If we conquer the lust for one Islamically undesirable thing, we succumb to the lust for another. Just think about it: entertainment, consumerism, socialization, and over-indulgence - one lust after another. If we try to categorize our lusts and excesses to see which category shaytaan is working his sneaky plans, for the most part we will find that he gets us from most, if not all, of them. 


Now just think of this amazing Internet. We all know that there is a great deal of haram and fitna to be found on it. We also know that there is a wealth of information, beneficial knowledge, and a way of maintaining the ties of family and ummah. However, even with removal of images and muting the sound to avoid music, in the name of da'wah and beneficial communication, we cannot avoid every image and often end up wasting valuable time. We easily get sidetracked. In searching for information, we easily get sucked into conversations. The time required to respond to e-mail, keep up with news (even if limited to Islamic matters), is notable. I have numerous friends who tell me about the fitna of Facebook, wasting time on inane details of others' lives - things of no benefit, or even worse, of harm. Is it the best use of our time? Is it even decent use of our time? Is it all worshiping Allah? Is Allah pleased with our activity or not? 

When I think of the Internet, I remember the ayah of Quran in Surah Al Baqarah revealed about alcohol and gambling.
"They ask you (O Muhammad ) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin, and (some) benefits for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit.'' (2:219)
The Internet is another sneaky, circular plan of shaytaans, because it is essential for normal life and information as we know it and yet, it holds traps from the time we open up the browser.
These are just three little examples of shaytaan's long-term machinations. That rotten devil doesn't just whizz around whispering for us to make a bad decision or do a wrong thing. He has been working on communities, societies, countries, and the world since the time he was cast out, rejected by Allah. He's had literally thousands of years to develop his plans, which leave us encircled.

Oh, I know this sounds terribly depressing and rather hopeless...but it is not. Awareness is part of the solution and so is caution. When we can see those plans in action throughout society, we also build up awareness of the very real fact that shaytaan never sleeps. He is always trying to sabotage our good end. Seeking a way out through dua' is another. May Allah increase our taqwa, our wisdom, repel us from what He hates, and what leads to what He hates. May Allah show us how to worship Him in all situations,  and strengthen us against shaytaan's sneaky plans - ameen.


  1. Hi Mai, its been a long time. I've been extremely busy??? I do agree with you, I worry more for my children. Even after enforcing parental control on the internet contents...stupid, lurid ads still appears popping here and there....

  2. Mashaa'Allah, sister it has been a long time! Yes, the Internet is such a difficult place for our children to be. I couldn't believe it when I stopped loading the images on my screen and found that there were still images coming up from certain ads. It seems that whatever we do, there is always something we cannot get rid of.
    Allahu musta'an.

  3. assalamu alaikum,
    I agree with all that you have mentioned. Just as Black jubah said its the children i am more worried about. I have a 10 year old son. So far so good, as his studies demand more and more use of internet and due to peer pressure I fear what may become of him as he gets older. May Allah guide us all on the right path and make us among the righteous Ameen.

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum
    LOL I was just thinking this week WHAT to wear in the house. Don't want to wear jeans, and some tops sold as 'outerwear' I wouldn't want my children or mother-in-law to see me in, you can see EVERYTHING. Any ideas? I don't want to wear abayas the whole day either.
    As for the internet, I try to avoid it like the plague. My 10 year old daughter thinks I'm terribly old-fashioned traipsing off to the library to make photocopies from books, but it's been working up until now, AlhumduLillah.

  5. Wa alaykum as salaam wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh to Madrasi Muslimah and Anonymous.

    Yes, with the children's increasing use of Internet, it is really becoming an issue. My daughter does her school via the Internet, but more and more I am downloading books and other useful information to save as files on the computer, so actual internet use is lessened. We have made a point to direct the children to activities that keep them busy and occupied away from the computer screen.

    Anonymous, it is funny you say that because I had a little paragraph about suggestions of what to wear and then deleted it. What I did a few years ago, was go back to girly stuff. It depends on your taste, but I love sundresses and long skirts. I have a nice collection of them,along with nice cotton tops that I put together in the house. Whether they are mid or full length, sundresses look feminine and flattering on just about every shape and size, mashaa'Allah. They are also incredibly comfortable and you can stick a t-shirt under them, a light shirt, wrap, or cute cardigan over the top and look great for every occasion.

    You might laugh, but I always try to consider what would be close to the Sunnah dress and realized that sarongs (those colorful huge scarf-type wraps for covering up swimsuits on the beach) are really just modern day izaars (the waistwraps they wore in the time of our Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam). I found that several very attractive styles could be configured with them. It is difficult to search for the different tying styles without seeing a load of nakedness, but here is one that reasonable once you get past the very beginning.

    Anyway, I hope that gives you a few ideas that might evoke a smile of appreciation from your husband AND your mother-in-law. ;D

  6. Shukran so much! I had two babies back to back so have been wearing just whatever was around (which funnily enough, includes a sarong :)), but am ready to go shopping/sewing now Insha Allah!

  7. Assalamu alaikum, would you please explain how wearing jeans and t-shirt is imitating the kuffar...? From my understanding muslim ladies can wear whatever is the fashion so long as it meets the requirements for hijab or is not imitating another religions dress; or are clothes that can be worn in front of husband is anything as long as its not men's clothes. I know wearing jeans in front of children is not good, but I mean in front of your husband is ok. And anything else like lingerie, short skirts. I just read this, though pretty vague

    Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about the definition of imitating the kuffaar. He replied:

    The definition of imitation is: doing what is exclusive to those who are being imitated, so imitating the kuffaar refers to a Muslim doing something that is distinct and exclusive to them.

    With regard to things that have become widespread among the Muslims and is no longer something which distinguishes kaafirs from Muslims, this is not imitation, so it is not haraam on the grounds that it is imitation, unless it is haraam for some other reason.

    I figure maybe you have heard about this in detail. I would like to know if you have any extras. Jazakallah khair.

  8. Wa alaykum as salaam wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh Em Hamzah.

    Barak Allah feeki, my dear sister! I specifically wrote "tight jeans and belly t-shirts," - those low rise jeans that leave us naked from pubic line to ribcage. I don't know how they aren't the clothing of the kuffar. At one time such clothing was only worn by prostitutes, but now it is the norm for just about everyone. Such revealing clothing is specifically the clothing of certain non-Muslims, and Allah is the One Who truly Knows. Of course, norms have certainly changed but they are not the kind of norms that we, as Muslims, accept.

    Women of religion have never exposed their bodies or had clothing that exposed them aside from their undergarments, which were exactly that - undergarments. It was a shocking thing when the hemlines raised, and considered a sign of wantonness.

    The underlying issue is the wearing of trousers/pants. E-Fatwa online quotes Shk. Uthaymeen as saying it is not allowed because it is an imitation of men. Of course, if we are going to get very historical, then jeans are even more so because they were made out of heavy tent material for male workers originally...and for a long time thereafter. Islam Q&A also gives various scholar's opinions, and it is hard to find one from the Ulema that permits the wearing of pants for women. However, there is always the exception of wearing them in front of one's husband.

    Here (in school) we are taught that even though there is ikhtilaaf about wearing wide loose trousers, such as the sarwal khamees, there is none about wearing jeans and tight trousers. When I had the talk with the Imam, he said that most scholars agree that women should not wear pants as it is both imitating men and in the case of jeans, tight trousers, etc. the kuffar.

    For me, doubtful = leave it. I want to look beautiful for my husband, but I don't want to look just like the half-naked women on the streets. I am not them, and I don't want to be them, Allah save me from that end. That's why I sought Allah's guidance and found that dresses, tiered skirts, and sarongs were both beautiful and safer Islamically for me.

    However, our Imam also acknowledged that men are exposed to extreme nakedness and temptation and their ability to lower their gaze has limitations and may be weak. Therefore, if it is necessary to dress in the same way as the publicly provocative women to safeguard him, then it takes priority and Allah knows your intentions.

    Jazaaki Allahu khayr. As always, you delve when you find something hits you strangely and you open a door for more information, understanding, and clarification. May Allah ever guide us to what He loves and avert us from what He hates - ameen.

  9. Jazakallah khair for the response. May Allah bless you and your family, ameen.

  10. Dear sister Mai ,

    Alhumdulliah sister my husband told me about a week ago that he told the girl the extra girl he was about to marry that , i cann;t marry you at the moment as i want to spend time with my baby. so she choose someone else to marry, as her family was presuring her to marry ASAP. After he told me this he kept saying he made a huge mistake agian and again, i dont know why , but anywaz.
    So Alhumdulliah, I dont know how much of it is 100% true, but I trust Allah, that His plan will be best for me. I am scared to talk to him about this matter any more, i just hope that inshaAllah as soon as the baby is here he will forget her completely.

    JazakumAllah my dearest sister i really really love you very much please keep strguling and dont give up. I will continue to visit your blog, inshaAllah.

    I love you all, sisters. Carry on and May Allah be with you all.ay we all meet in jannah ameen

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