Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Bismillahi wa assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

I had a truly gushing moment yesterday while finishing lunch with my daughters. They really do have to put up with all sorts of emotional outbursts from me, LOL, maashaa Allah.

I said,  "For anyone just looking at me or considering what I've done in my life, they would not imagine me being of the muqarraboon - those forerunners closest to Allah.  I consider my shortcomings, failings, and sins and find myself in a miserable state in front of Allah. After all, I am just a regular person, not a prophet or scholar or prominent caller to Islam.

But my all encompassing and desperate desire to be of the muqarraboon makes me persevere with 'ibaadah, istighfar, and acknowledging every pain and difficulty as a much deserved and light recompense for my sins.  I charge on, sometimes plod on, but I refuse to despair of Allah's mercy and give up hope that He will put me with the muqarraboon. Having certainty of Allah's perfect qualities motivates me to persevere.

So I say to you all, don't EVER give up on your righteous goals. Our most forgiving, gentle,  merciful, and generous Creator sees everything and can do anything.

Subhaanak Allahumma la ilaaha ila ant, astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilayk.


  1. Salaams sister, how do i get in touch to ask privately about something important?

  2. Salaams sister, how do i get in touch to ask privately about something important?

  3. Assalamualykum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu...Sister we got shifted to Madinat u Rasool just a month back alhamdulillah and I have been looking for some classes especially lugah in order to learn my deen and for such purpose need your help..please inform me the way to contact you or if not possible please post all the options available here..Allah ll tremendously reward you for that in shaa Allah..

  4. And may Allah make you one of the muqarraboon! Ameen!!!


    1. And you, beside me, Imani - AMEEN!
      Jazaak Illahu khayr!

  5. Umm Muminah, wa alaykum ussalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. Alhamdulillah you are finally in Madinah! May Allah bless your stay richly!
    I do not know of all the places for learning in Madinah anymore. There was at least one new place last year before I left. I stopped attending classes to do home studies two years before I left. Make dua; Allah will guide you to the information you seek with surety. I, too, am making dua that you find the most effective and suitable way of learning while there.
    Baarak Allahu feekee ukhtee f'Illah.

    1. Assalaam alaykum sister. Are you still in Madinah or left for another city? How do I get in touch with you? I have few personal questions. I emailed you at your madinahnaseeha email address, but it no longer works. Jazak Allahu khayr.

      May Allah bless you.

  6. Mai...Ameen for your du'aas

    Wa feeki barakAllah

  7. Wa alaykum ussalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Writing Muslimah.

    I am now in the U.S.A. living on our farm, maashaa Allah. In fact, you can see what we are doing on our farm blog:

    I can be contacted on

    Wa feekee Baarak Allah.