Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothing Flourishes Without Maintenance

BismIllah wa as salaamu alaykum.

There are so many in our world that take whatever they can get from a thing and then just write it off and discard it. How will a house appreciate in value if it is never maintained? How will a car keep functioning well if it is never serviced? Likewise, how will our hearts draw closer to Allah without constant nurturing?

I want to increase in value in the Eyes of my Rabb every day, bi ithn Allah taala. I want to function well until the day I die, insha'Allah. All my life, I have taken care of my possessions, kept safe my gifts. Islam is the biggest gift I have ever received. It has changed my whole being, my whole focus, my whole understanding and approach to life. Recently, I have been faced with the results of unmaintained possessions being devalued and ruined. Subhaan Allah, what a blessing it has been! I abhor such waste, such ignorant carelessness. However, I have taken it as a lesson and message from my Creator. It has reminded me of the importance of maintaining my deen. I will not appreciate in value, unless I nurture Islam within me. It is everything! Houses and cars will not aid me on the Day of Reckoning...but the maintenance and increase in my emaan, taqwa, and ibaadah will. Alhamdu l'Illah for this reminder from my Rabb, and al hamdu l'Illah ala kully haal. Astaghfir Allah wa atoobu ilayk wa al hamdu l'Illahi Rabb il aal ameen.


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Mai. You said, " I will not appreciate in value, unless I nurture Islam within me." That is so profound and inspiring Mai. Insha Allah, I'm going to takes those words with me, as my goal is to "appreciate in value", as well. Thank you for the inspiration Mai! I pray Allah continues to bless you immensely.

  2. assalamu aleikum Mai
    great inspiring post mashAllah, this is so true and i love the way you put it
    love your blog :)

  3. Wa alaykum as salaam wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh my dear sisters.

    Jazaaki Allahu khayran! May we all become pleasing and precious jewels in the "eyes" of our Creator - ameen!