Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Uh-oh, Missed October...November 2011

Bism Illah wa as salaamu alaykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.

Please accept my apologies for not posting in October. I had various ideas that needed to be developed, but I focused my time and efforts on other more immediate things. Even now, I only have two posts this month because that is all I could develop well enough to be worthwhile. I won't write posts to pass (waste) your time or just to have some new words up on the screen. I write when there is something worth writing, bi ithn Illah.

My Cyberfocus:

Dhul Hijjah:

We are in these most revered 10 days of Dhul Hijjah.  If you are able to perform Hajj, go. If you are able to fast, fast, If you are able to give sadaqah, give. If you are able to pray more, pray. If you are able to speak, recite Qur'an and adhkaar of Allah. If you are only able to think, remember and beg of Allah. When Allah gives you days where there is no loss, only rich benefit from any good, take them! Don't waste your time, when so much opportunity is open to you every second of these precious days. That one utterance of al hamdul'Illah may tip your scales to the right hand side or elevate you one rank in Jennah!

May Yawm al Arafat be a merciful erasing of sins for you all , and on the upcoming occasion of Eid Al Adha 1432 -

Taqabbal Allah minna wa minkum!

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  1. Mai, thank you again for your most sincere thoughts.