Sunday, November 17, 2013

Come on; lay it on me!

''Whoever shows you your faults, he is your friend. Those that pay you lip service in praise are your executioners.'' 
- Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (radhi Allahu anh)

I know I lack patience, especially when facing disobedience to Allah. I also know I am inefficient in managing my time these past few months. This has been the case since having the baby and changing the system so that I sit down for a few hours a day for Islamic studies with the children and also sit with them for their homeschooling. I may try to read Qur'an for a while or get some other reading, computer work, etc. done, but between a squirmingj crawling, and cruising baby and checking work, answering questions, etc. it can be very unproductive, often. Outside of those times, I am cooking - preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and things that will particularly please my husband. I still haven't found a regular time slot for doing the laundry (by hand) , and when a moment presents itself, it often gets filled with breastfeeding or changing a nappy/diaper and keeping the baby in a safe, happy place. Keeping up communications with friends is almost non-existent amongst all the daily rush to keep my head above water.

Even though I know some of my faults, there will  always be some I don't realize or notice. I don't want them to slip though the cracks, I want someone who loves me for the sake of Allah to tell me. Pobody's nerfect, and we all need true friends who can recognize our faults, inform us of them, and help us correct them. That's why, when it comes to my faults, I say to my true friends, "Come on, lay it on me!"

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