Friday, February 26, 2010

Mount Uhud

BismIllah wa as salaamu alaykum.

This morning we went to Mount Uhud. It wasn't exactly a "trip" out of the way, because we pass it every day but don't turn off the road and park. We climbed up the little mountain where the archers stood and looked out over the plain and the vast mountains of Uhud, while hubby explained the story of the Battle of Uhud. Then as we looked over at the graveyard of the shuhada and I sent a greeting to Hamza, radhi Allahu anha, I found myself in tears. Of course, one of my daughters asked why I was crying. I told her, "They are dead; they are martyrs, they are ahl al-Jennah. They have died in a state of Islam, for Islam. However, we are still here. We still have the struggle and test of this life to live through. We don't know if we will make it to Jennah... we can only pray to remain on the Straight Path and for Allah's Mercy."

When I consider the simplicity of fighting for Islam, physically, compared to these times where shaytaan's long-term ministrations have encircled us, Islam seems so much harder now. Oh, how I envy those shuhada!

As ever, though, the signs around the graveyard cheered me up. Those beautiful signs in 4 languages telling the visitors what the acceptable dua' is to make for the shuhada and what to avoid doing there, as it has no basis or benefit. Coming from a land where bid'ah and confusion are rife, I appreciate greatly those guidelines that are given here to keep believers on a straight, and simple, path. Al hamdu l'Illah!

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