Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stinking Thinking

BismIllah wa as salaamu alaykum.

Ever wonder how I manage to always come across with positive things and encouragements to turn to Allah? Ever think to yourself, "That sister just can't be real! She's always blogging positive stuff..." ?

Well, of course I have negative thoughts. Of course I am plagued by shaytaan and his rotten whispers. Of course I make a truckload of mistakes that send me into desperate, tearful pleas of forgiveness to Allah. Why aren't you reading about them? Because all that is stinking thinking. The thinking shaytaan just loves us to have and works at cultivating in our minds 24 hours a day.

Most certainly I have some unpublished posts that focused on the negative. That's why they are unpublished. Hey, I'm not giving shaytaan a billboard on my blog page! I'm not taking the chance of pulling other people into stinking thinking as well. The second I start sharing my stinking thinking with others, I'm spreading shaytaan's work and giving him pleasure. So, I don't share it. I write a little, read it and see clear as day that it's all shaytaan's devilish work, and then I don't publish it. Usually, in not publishing it I manage to send that rotten devil packing. Otherwise, I scream, shout, and kick shaytaan out.

Now, on a couple of occasions I might mention some stinking thinking, but only as an example of what shaytaan whispers and what that thinking should be replaced with. I do that because I know others have the same struggles and thoughts and I hope to give them something good and pleasing to Allah to replace them with. For the most part, however, my policy is to send the stinking thinking right back to the stinker who started it all.


  1. As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

    MASHA ALLAH!!! Sis subhan Allah you have the right approach.

    This evening I am trying to ignore any stinking thinking and keep up good communications even when it is being resisted and others don't wish to communicate with me. I am not letting that stinking thinker control my thoughts or my environment insha Allah.

    Jazak Allah Khayran Masha Allah it is so good to have you back!!!!

  2. Masha'Allah thats a brilliant way of tackling these evil thoughts.

  3. salam alaikoum sister, I love you for your deen and for the sake of Allah, tbarakallah. thanks for those positive thinking reminders.