Monday, November 1, 2010


BismIllah wa as salaamu alaykum!

I think it is time I put in an appearance on this blog, especially as some people think I've dropped off the face of the earth. Since Ramadan, life has been very busy for my family and me. This is the year that I finally get something I've been yearning for - Arabic and Quran classes. Yes, my girls and I are all attending Dar al Haafidhaat here in Madinah al Munawarrah and we are growing like little sprouts there, mashaa'Allah.

My youngest daughter is in KG2, my other daughters are in the girl's class, which covers Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies, and Arabic. I am in mustawa thani (level 2 Madina books) and learn Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Arabic Reading Comprehension, Arabic Composition, and Arabic Dictation. Wheee! I cannot express my joy aside from saying, "LA! LA! LA!"

Of course, I am also homeschooling the girls when we get back home around noon time and trying to stuff my own homework in somewhere between cooking dinner and going to bed. I'm a busy bunny, and my ideas are just lying unwritten because of all these developments. Never mind, though, as I'm having a break for Dhul Hijjah and Hajj, so there should be more time for sharing bi ithn Illah.

Some of the topics on my list of things to write about are:

- Sharing some of the Islamic websites that I have found excellent for my children.
- Sharing some thoughts on what has made a big impression on me lately.
- Adding to My Favorite Mind Food page.
- Consistency, constancy, and common sense in parenting.
- The long-term machinations and sharp angles that shaytaan catches us with.
- Some musings about polygany.

A thing that crossed my mind lately is that we must be aware and seek refuge with Allah from all the harm and evil in the things we do/read/are exposed to, and to beg Him for the good and benefit in them. This is important! For example., my daughter loves to read but I realized that although she derives benefit from reading, there can also be harm if shaytaan gets his way. I wrote out a little dua' for her to say before she starts reading a book, to safeguard her, inshaa'Allah. From this, the idea has blossomed and I see that we cannot be careful enough in protecting ourselves, because shaytaan never sleeps. Audhu b'Illahi min ashaytaan ir-rajeem!

Much love to you all!


  1. May Allah(swt) continue showering you with opportunities and Blessings, Aameen! :D

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  3. Wa iyaaki, my sweetie. Ameen, thumma ameen!