Monday, August 16, 2010

The beauty of "alhamdul'Illah"

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh mothers!

Every now and then one of my children will hurt themselves and come to me in tears. I pick them up or crouch down to them to hug them and tell them to say alhamdu l'Illah. After they say that, I comfort them, tend to their "wound", and make things right as we mothers do. Now, surely my 2 year old doesn't understand why she must say alhamdu l'Illah first, but I'm making it an automatic response so that when she gets old enough to ask why she says it, she will be able to understand as well as say the correct thing.

My five year old asked a year or so ago, and I explained simply that EVERYTHING that comes from Allah must be praised and given thanks for because it is sent for us through His love. Then I gave her my clouds analogy, adapted to ensure her understanding. Here it is.

Clouds may look gray and gloomy sometimes, but I look for silver linings in every cloud, and I ALWAYS find them. Nothing in life is negative, unless we do not learn or grow from it and every occurence is a blessing, in one form or another.

Perhaps our car breaking down during rush hour prevented us from being in a fatal car accident. Perhaps the illness or injury of your child helped you to focus on what a precious gift it is to be well. Perhaps that big "disaster" was the very thing that made you sit down and get your priorities straight. Perhaps Allah is reminding us, through a little punishment or warning, that we must listen and obey.

Whatever comes to us is from Allah, either to guide us, to remind us, to protect us, to warn us, or even to punish us. In every case, Allah sends these things to let us know that He loves us. As long as the clouds come, we are assured of His love... and that is the most valued silver lining of all.

Fi amaan Illah.

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