Monday, August 16, 2010

Laughter...the Other Kind of Romance

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh oh sisters of mine!

Masha'Allah, I'm not very romantic. Oh, I've seen the sisters who can sit through a whole candlelight meal looking lovely and simply gazing into their lover's eyes, speaking sweet nothings, blah, blah, blah. It's just wonderful... but I cannot do it. Allah, subhaana wa taala, blessed me with a big heart and a huge funny bone! Somewhere after the first few minutes I must say something that will cause a smile or laugh. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling jokes... it's just natural wittiness. I love to see my husband laugh, smile, amused by my nutty self. And although I do have my moments of tenderness and appreciation, of heartfelt romance, the times of laughter and playfulness are far more, masha'Allah.

What I realized was that the laughter and enjoyment we share with each other is something that is very valuable. It's something that we can still have even after we're old, hennaed, wrinkly, and past the baby-making days. I always love to see older couples sitting or strolling in the park, still enjoying each other's company. Somehow, the playfulness and laughter is the sign of a true friendship... perhaps not that "rose in the vase, gazing all moony-eyed" romantic love, but something that makes living together a daily joy.

Insha'Allah, for those of you who have let the laughter slow to a up the tap and let it gush! A home filled with love and laughter is a joyous place to be!

May we all be admitted to Jennah by any gate we choose, our husbands and Allah, subhaana wa taala, well pleased with us - ameen!

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